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Armourx 6002 Crystal - Safety Glasses

Armourx Safety Frames | 6002

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Armourx 6002 - Crystal - Eye Size 53 -Build in Side Shield

Armourx is a pioneer in the safety eyewear industry, offering safety frames that join quality, insurance and style forward plan. The ArmouRx 6002 safety glasses is a cling wrap outline with incorporated side shield insurance. It is non-conductive and ANSI Z87 Safety Approved. ArmouRx 6002 safety frames fold over prescription safety glasses furnish incorporated side assurance with full fold over inclusion. Armourx Safety is a main supplier of defensive eyewear for modern and sports applications. No different brands offers a larger number of approaches to secure a laborer's vision than Onguard and it offers the biggest and most far reaching arrangement of remedy outlines in the eyewear field. 


  • Maker: ArmouRx 
  • Model: ArmouRx 6002 Crystal
  • Style: Plastic/Non-Conductive 
  • Side Shields: One-Piece Integrated 
  • Shadings: Crystal 
  • Principles: ANSI Z87.1-2010, CSA Z94.3-07 
  • Included Accessories: Foam Cushion, Dust Bar 
  • Removable Foam Cushion 
  • Removable Foam Dust Bar 
  • Planned by profoundly qualified optical experts with driving edge innovation. 
  • Assists with lessening Eye Strain, Fatigue and glare during work. 
  • Accessible in your solution in a safe, polycarbonate focal point 
  • Single Vision, Lined Bifocal and Progressive focal points Available 
  • Presently you can have a safe non-conductive edge in your solution 

The 53 eyesize outline on the ArmouRx 6002 remedy wellbeing glasses' edge dominates ANSI Z87.1 norms, developed with non-conductive, Trogamid CX material. With the assistance of an optician, you can arrange your own pair of ArmouRx 6002 prescription safety glasses on the web. The AmouRx line of modern safety eyewear can be exceptionally customized to your solution for the most ideal vision in the work environment. ArmouRx is known for their design plans with classy and utilitarian security eyeglass frames in sizes to suit men or ladies. The quality craftsmanship, slick look and feel, outline material alternatives, and serious evaluating settle on ArmouRx an incredible decision. 

Brand:Armourx Safety Frames

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    Super easy process

    - Written by Coley Mearite on Jun 16, 2021

    Super easy process. fast delivery. and they followed up to make sure i was happy with my purchase.

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