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Armourx 3002P Blue Eye Size 51 - Safety Glasses

Armourx Safety Frames | 3002P

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Armourx 3002P Blue Eye Size 51 - Safety Glasses

Armourx 3002P is the best eyeglasses offered by SafetylensUSA. The lens width is 51 mm and the temple length is around 135 mm. 18 mm is the bridge width in these types of eyeglasses offered by safetylensusa. Anti-dust and anti-fog features are the best features used in these types of lens materials. Larger frame shapes and sizes are used for attracting youngsters for more fashion and look. It brings together both function and style. Lens material is a very important factor in reading glasses. Polycarbonate material is used in the type of safety glasses. The protective structure of an integrated side shield, quality material, and available accessories, make these wrap-around models ideal for the workplace. The Safetylensusa ArmouRx collection is great for indoor and outdoor work environments.

Additional Information

  • Brand: ArmouRx Safety Frames
  • Model: 3002P
  • Bridge Width: 18 mm
  • Lens Width: 51 mm
  • Temple Length: 135 mm
  • Type: Safety Glasses
  • Style: Modern
  • Frame Color: Blue                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Lens Material: Plastic
  • Sexual orientation: Unisex
  • Prescription Lenses Available
  • Accessible in your prescription

These are the most epic designer eyeglasses. ArmouRx 3002P safety glasses are offered for both men and women. The full-type rim is used in these types of safety glasses. The most attractive feature is the wrap-around frame shape. Plastic material is used in the frame material. There are so many features included in the ArmouRX 3002P safety glasses are side shields and removable facial cavity seals. The eyes are one of the touchiest organs of the human body. The safety glasses that we're imparting as part of this variety are crafted from great Polycarbonate material. As a result, the consumer can sense at domestic whilst carrying them for lengthy hours. These eye safety glasses are prepared with wraparound lenses. People running in factories, construction & oil excavation web sites are regularly uncovered to an excessive hazard of accidents.

Brand:Armourx Safety Frames

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