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Pentax D490 Brown Amber - 3M Pentax D490 Safety Glasses


The Pentax D490 safety glasses brings a look of street wear to the safety market with its style and flare. With optional side shields it keeps a solid look while offering excellent protection. 3M Pentax Safety Glasses give you the assurance that comes from wearing advanced, guarded optics and industry driving quality and plan. With a variety of styles and plans there's a style available for essentially any application or atmosphere. All 3M Safety Glasses are ANSI Z87.1 affirmed and are available in an arrangement of point of convergence tones and advanced point of convergence coatings. Arranged with fundamental conclusions for fit, structure and limit, our titanium edges and lightweight plans pass on a complete in assurance, comfort and style. 3M Pentax D490 by 3M gives Industrial Safety to Adults. This Pentax D490 safety outline is Plastic and gives an amazing level of security.

Features of Pentax D490

Pentax D490 Brown Amber safety glasses are ANSI ensured and Pentax safety frames has plastic turn of events. 3M Pentax D490 Brown Amber have classy straight back safe-havens and has flexible nose pads help with fit on nose. Also, it has integrated side shields and plastic edges.

Pentax safety glasses and pentax progressive lenses in the work place during the 1900's. Numerous years sometime later 3M is giving associations and workers cure prosperity eyewear things that follow OSHA working climate requirements. The prosperity and security of the specialist is work number one and 3M has continued improving their things with better materials, improved development and extended convenience and durability. From tasteful safety eyeglass housings to utilitarian eye guaranteeing goggles, 3M has been an undeniable choice.