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Types of Lens Coatings - What are Mirrored Coatings?


At Safety Prescription Glasses we provide numerous alternatives on our prescription lenses. From Anti-Scratch coatings to special-colored tints, there are numerous approaches to customize your glasses to you. In our final post we pointed out a popular way of reducing glare on sunglasses, Polarized lenses.

Some folks can be pressured to paintings carrying our Safety Glasses outside and need a few extra UV safety, which may be discovered in the shape of mirrored coatings.

Traditionally observed on sunglasses, reflected coatings provide expanded UV safety among different benefits, at the same time as supplying you with and your glasses a fab appearance. What is completed for sunglasses may be completed for your safety glasses, reflected coatings may be delivered to almost all our prescription lenses, moreover all our reflected glasses include an anti-reflective coating at the backside.

Our Mirror Coatings are available special colors:


Blue mirror lenses are vivid and vibrant, making them an exceptional desire for a sunny day on the beach.


Red mirror lenses are heat and sensual, and they're guaranteed to get the wearer noticed


Silver mirror lenses are one of the maximum famous colors and lend the wearer a fab, sleek, city appearance


Gold mirror lenses provide a luxurious, sophisticated chic with a glittering look that dazzles the eye


Green mirror lenses are serene and calming, ideal for a lazy afternoon floating down the river

Benefits of getting a Mirrored Coating to your glasses

  • Offer UV Protection without blocking light like sunglasses, this coating reflects light instead of absorbing it, which means your vision can still be bright at the same time as being protected.
  • Reduction of eye strain which may be due to glare from water or reflections.
  • Mirrored Coatings shield your lenses further, including an extra layer of safety from scratches for your glasses
  • Anonymity for Introverts, people can only see their reflections to your glasses and not your eyes behind them
  • Undeniable fashion appeal, mirrored coatings are highly famous for his or her aesthetic appeal

When deciding on alternatives in your prescription lenses, mirrored coatings are a famous preference, but we advise clients that to get the great mirror impact on their glasses that they combine the mirror coating with a darker tint, clean lenses with a mirror coating might not turn out as expected. Mirrored Coatings may even not work in combination with transitions or driver wear tints.