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Safety Glasses and its Importance for a Better Protection


Safety glasses is one of the major property which is found to  be used by works mainly working in sectors like construction, furniture, mechanical, software professionals etc.  These are the areas where our eyes are prone to a dangerous and harmful environment. The type and the depth of injuries that affects our eyes  are easily avoidable by taking a couple of preventive measures. One simple and friendly method is nothing but use of safety glasses. Wearing safety glass protects our eye from the entrance of minute particles, large objects thereby prevent accidents and harmful injuries to your eyes. Harmful injuries don’t mean that cause is temporary but eye injuries are a serious matter. It is not just serve in creating pain but it has the power to take out you vision for permanent time.Latest statistics report from the U.S. Department of Labor show around  thousands of employees suffer from eye injuries every year during the time of work.

These are caused by the carelessness when workers used inadequate eye or face protection. Such case of injuries has resulted in eye blindness and loss in terms of  production time and medical expenses.Include temporary or permanent vision loss which may be caused by corneal burn, abrasion, or penetration. This is one of the main important cause of eliminating safety glass. Whether you need high-end safety prescription glasses, a pair of goggles, or a more affordable pair of safety glasses, we've got you covered to best fit your requirement.

Benefits of Safety Glasses:

  • Plays as an obstacle for tiny particles in  entering your eyes
  • Protect the eyes from sparks and flames
  • Resist  chemical splashes to enter your eyes

Eye injuries in the workplace typically result in up to 20% of temporary and permanent vision loss among workers. While workplace injuries are common, there are easy to use tools available for preventing eye injury. The most common hazards associated with eye injuries on the job include:

  • Airborne particles or bits of metal, glass or wood
  • Tools and power equipment that elicit sparks
  • Flying objects
  • Radiation or UV light
  • Chemicals or other corrosive substances that may spray and damage visionIt is important for employees and employers to understand the benefits of wearing adequate eye protection. Eye protection and safety glasses generally fall under the category of PPE or personal protective equipment, and generally serve to protect workers and consumers from hazards exposed to on the job.