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Pentax ZT500 Blue - 3M Pentax ZT500 Safety Glasses


In 1919, Pentax led the field of SLR camera central focuses with high-type and innovative things. Today, Pentax is taking its improvement higher than any time in recent memory with the introduction of a movement of ably made optical focal points. Celebrated for its arrangement and collecting of ophthalmic central focuses, Pentax has promptly gotten the trusted in brand for arrangement eyewear. Build up your business with Pentax optical focal point and make a world with perfect vision.

Pentax offers a wide scope of specializations in its plans.

Pentax Energy

These central focuses are especially proper for energetic adults who experience various hours on cutting edge devices. Expected for eliminated vision clarity, Pentax Energy is a singular vision point of convergence that incorporates an astoundingly arranged safe spot which empowers the eyes to loosen up and concentrate even more with no issue.

Pentax Allfocus

Ideal for wearers who experience the evil impacts of presbyopia, Pentax AllFocus focal points are proposed to make focusing at all detachments a breeze. Open in various designs to suit individual visual requirements.

Pentax (previously 3M) Safety Glasses give you the conviction that comes from wearing advanced, protective optics and industry-driving quality and plan. With a collection of styles and plans, there's a style open for essentially any application or atmosphere. All Pentax Safety Glasses from are ANSI Z87.1-2010 affirmed and are available in a collection of focal point tones and advanced focal point coatings. Arranged with fundamental judgments for fit, structure, and limit, our titanium housings and lightweight plans pass on an authoritative in sureness, comfort, and style.