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TTL1 Classic Customized Loupes


Specifications of surgical loupes

Field Width : 110-150 mm
Field Depth : 90-130 mm
Weight : 51gram
Working Distance : 19-20 inch

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US $930$830

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As entry-level TTL loupes, TTL1 binocular loupes is particularly suitable for dentists and hygienists. TTL1 has a high cost performance, its wider field of view, and deeper depth of field brings new comfortable experience, which is much different from traditional Flip-up loupes.

This TTL1 dental loupes has 2.5x, 3.0x and 3.5x magnifications for choice. The 2.5x magnification is the most popular, especially suit to the requirements of the trial user or dental students.

Can uniquely customize to your IPD, working distance magnification, frame, and color choice. The tilt angle of the lens barrel can also be customized to suit the doctor's habits and nose height, which let this dental loupe become popular in Canada, America, and Europe.


Mounting Options: Through-the-Lens

Magnification Power:2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x

Field Width:110-150 mm (2.5x) ,90-130 mm (3.0x) , 70-120 mm (3.5x)

Field Depth:115-180 mm (2.5x) ,70-165 mm (3.0x) , 65-175 mm (3.5x)

Working Distance: Customized to each user

Declination Angle: Customized to each user

Weight*:51g (Weight measured based on Standard E-sport frame)

Frame Options:

Sports frame: E-sport frame, D sport frame

Color:Black=lite gold

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