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Retro R 188 - Eyeglasses

Retro Eyeglasses | R 188

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Retro R 188 - Prescription Eyeglasses

The retro 188 prescription eyeglasses strike the right balance between the desire for a rugged statement and comfort. The biggest feature of the Retro 188 glasses is the full rim shape. Retro made this body. And SafetylensUSA designers are made for all men and women. This body has a modified ellipse and a full rim design. The bridge is designed for a 16mm nose so it should be shaped appropriately for people with a flat bridge. His upgraded 140mm temples hug your ears. These are your eye prescriptions. The plastic nature of the frame fabric makes it more resilient and sturdier during use. The lens width is 55mm.

The Retro R 188 glasses are a particular pair of glasses, the most famous of them. The inverted outer edge of the facial area emphasizes the ever-changing expression and accentuates the cat-eye shape. The plastic-reinforced bracket attachment is surprisingly angular. The choice of black color complements the classic tradition. Of course, this is a traditional and popular option to wear black. Key benefits include thin, lightweight lenses, 100% UV protection, and a scratch-resistant coating. The frame of the Retro 188 is made of plastic material. The Retro R 188 Eyewear Frame lets you make a bold statement without saying a word. At SafetylensUSA, we guarantee the durability of our lenses and our cutting-edge readers in stylish prescription eyeglasses. Buying retro glasses on the online platform is very convenient. SafetylensUSA offers an additional collection of prescription eyeglasses including Reading Glasses, Reading Glasses, Prescription Glasses, Varifocals, and Reading Glasses with Bifocals. These particular good glasses offer very comfortable and good lenses for the giving-up user.


  • Brand: Retro Eyeglasses
  • Model: R 188
  • Type: Prescription Eyeglasses
  • Style: Modern
  • Frame Color: Black                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Lens Material: Plastic
  • Sexual orientation: Unisex
  • Prescription Lenses Available
  • Accessible in your prescription

Brand:Retro Eyeglasses
Model:R 188

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