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Onguard 621 Black - Safety Glasses

Onguard Industrial Safety | 621

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Onguard 621 Black - Safety Glasses 

The OnGuard 621 prescription safety glasses sold through is a protective frame for women and men. This rectangular stainless-steel conventional frame is defensive and dependable. It has a conventional form and is to be had in Black. In addition, the OnGuard 621 frames have an excessive first-rate and excessive effect TR-90 Nylon creation. This guarantees they live light-weight and sturdy in any segment. Also, those girls’ prescription safety glasses have Cellulose Acetate creation and bent temple bars. This ensures they won’t slide around even as you figure in any environment. They additionally have detachable aspect shields for bringing safety in any environment. Our glasses meet the rigorous ANSI Z87 enterprise requirements to make certain most appropriate safety.


Brand: OnGuard

Model: OnGuard 621 safety glasses

Colors: Black

Face Shape: Heart, Oval, Round, Square

Frame Features: Side Shields, Spring Hinge

Frame Materials: Acetate, Metal, Plastic, Spring Hinge

Frame Shape: Rectangle

Safety Rating: ANSI Z87

Size: Medium, Small

Temples: Bent

Onguard Safety Glasses

The OnGuard 621 is a great layout frame with decorative end piece and twin shadeation acetate temples with spring hinges that include detachable side shields. It is available in Black color and size and is ANSI Z87 Safety Certified. The square body is produced from stainless-steel which has proved to be a dependable fabric for safety glasses and TR-90 nylon which has excessive effect resistance features.

This body is particularly outfitted with spring hinges which permit an extra flexibility to the temple hands to boost the toughness of the body.  The Onguard 621 is likewise outfitted with detachable aspect shields. The OnGuard 621 Prescription Safety Glasses has been designed for our women’s safety glasses variety and is to be had in black with sizes to be had. The body is outfitted with bent temple hands to maintain it firmly in the area in the course of the day.  It is great perfect for people with small to medium head sizes, see our body measurements for complete details.

Brand:Onguard Industrial Safety

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